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Nancy Thompson

Sarah Ginder (RYT 200) found yoga in 2014. After running several 1/2 marathons and playing indoor and outdoor soccer for years, her joints were in need of a form of exercise that offered up opportunities to grow stronger in kinder ways. Her yoga journey started in learning the basics in foundation, then in Ashtanga but soon fell in love with vinyasa flowsyin, and yoga sculpt classes. Busy having and raising young wasn't until the fall of 2018 that she became dedicated to her practice again. Yoga soon became a part of her daily life on and off the mat.

​In 2019 it became clear that being a teacher was a goal she wanted to achieve, but not as much for herself but to give back to others all that yoga has brought to her life through the practice — balance, kindness, community, strength, faith, and peace. 

​When she is not on her mat, she works as a graphic design and a communications director. The bulk of her time is spent hanging out with her husband and their three adventurous children. At one time or another, they have all practiced yoga together and she loves that they love it too! They travel, go on adventures, explore is everything to Sarah. In fact, a big part of becoming a teacher was to live by example and remind them to keep dreaming and work hard to achieve them. ​

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