About Us


Our mission is to create a welcoming, all-inclusive community where folks from every walk of life can connect and practice yoga and meditation in a loving, relaxed environment.


We pride ourselves in our creativity and encourage individuality while you practice. We will help guide you into a new sense of body awareness, confidence, and strength. Be a part of our family and let our yoga community inspire you.


All are welcome here.

Ashley Krstulovich

Ashley received her 200-hour yoga teacher training certificate in January 2017 and is a 200 Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT) and Continuing Education Provider (YACEP) with Yoga Alliance.

Beverly Hopkins

Beverly’s husband, Mark, introduced her to yoga twenty-eight years ago and she has been practicing ever since.  In 2016, she decided to commit to her love of the practice by completing a 200-hour Teacher’s Training through Trailhead Healing Arts Center. Since that time, she has been teaching Beginner’s Yoga, Flow, and Children’s Yoga classes at Trailhead Healing Arts Center, Spot Nutrition, and Fit Yoga.

Alicia Route

Alicia Route, native to Springfield, Illinois, began her path to yoga in 2014. Her very first introduction to yoga was a Hot Yoga class. She immediately fell in love with the challenge and level of physical difficulty.

After practicing a few years, she began to notice her frame of mind after each class. She felt self-compassion, gratitude, and mindfulness. She hopes to guide her students to their own self-awakening through yoga. 

Kalea Miller

Nancy Thompson

Kalea (pronounced “Kay-Lee”) is a Springfield native and certified Barre (pronounced “bar”) Fitness Instructor. She discovered barre fitness in 2011 and has been hooked ever since. In 2015, she moved to Oak Park, Illinois, and became a trainee with The Dailey Method, a Barre Fitness program that focuses on spinal alignment.

She’s so excited to bring this practice to her hometown and can’t wait to share it with you! No prior dance experience necessary, barre fitness is for EVERY body. It is a fantastic combination of moving meditation, low impact toning, and FUN! Come see what all the buzz is about and “meet me at the barre!” 

My first exposure to yoga was 20 years ago on a VHS tape in my family room not long after a big upheaval in my life. I instantly knew this ‘exercise’ was going to be helpful to me to get through some challenging times...


Bailey Sullivan

Leslie Curry

Bailey has been practicing pilates since 2008 and teaching since 2016. She went through a 500 hour program at the University of Utah where she received her comprehensive pilates certification through Balanced Body. She taught in Utah for 6 months and then took her skills to West Hollywood, California where she taught clients from all walks of life for. She has found herself back in Springfield, after 20 years away, and is excited to use everything she has learned to enhance your pilates practice. She teaches an upbeat, intense class, but keeps things light and fun! Every class is different so come in ready to move, shake and sweat!

Leslie Curry (RYT 200) has been practicing yoga on and off for years, but decided to become more dedicated to the practice on and off the mat. It is important for her to teach her students that yoga is not about holding a perfect pose or attempting to force yourself into unaccessible poses. Yoga is about being in the present moment and finding comfort and peace within yourself. Her instruction focuses on Vinyasa.

Sarah Ginder


Sarah Ginder (RYT 200) found yoga in 2014. After running several half marathons and playing indoor and outdoor soccer for years, her joints were in need of a form of exercise that offered opportunities to grow stronger in kinder ways...