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Nancy Thompson

My first exposure to yoga was 20 years ago on a VHS tape in my family room not long after a big upheaval in my life. I instantly knew this ‘exercise’ was going to be helpful to me to get through some challenging times - but I had no idea it would take me on a deepening spiritual, mental,  and physical journey that no other “exercise” or mental/spiritual practice individually could match. 


Starting with a home practice, I have been on a meandering hatha yoga journey at clubs, studios, teaching myself and others. Then finally pursuing an official 200 RYT certification to deepen my knowledge and experience with all limbs of yoga, beyond the asana and pranayama practices.  I have a growing interest in meditation, chakras, and how a personal yoga practice affects all dimensions of the mind, body and spirit.


My first classes as an instructor were at Pana Community Hospital for employee wellness and then at their Rehab Wellness Center fitness program for 7 years, where I was the Fitness and Wellness Manager. An opportunity came in Springfield at the Springfield Wellness Center to act as the Functional Fitness Specialist and 8 Weeks to Wellness Director where the FitYoga program was just being implemented. 4 years later I finally have my 200 RYT from Yoga Fit and am ready to practice with other yogis who are on their own mind body journey!  


In alignment with a yoga practice, I am interested in helping people create more healthy movement in their lives - especially with bicycles. My husband Bob and I own Biketek here in Springfield and I recently became the full time Movement Specialist there!  While enjoying swimming, running, hiking, cooking, and  gardening - I love being a mom, ‘nana,’ and human traveler learning to be present in every moment.  

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