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Betsy Cates Calvin

Betsy has been practicing yoga off and on for over 20 years. After growing up in competitive gymnastics, she found it was a great way to keep her flexibility and get a good workout in without stressing the joints.


She took her practice further in 2010 and 2011, successfully completing a 200 hour yoga teacher training and registering with Yoga Alliance in June 2011.


Around the same time she became vegan, after her husband had a serious illness.  She read a book from the "One Spirit" book club that changed her perspective forever. She then completed the Plant Based Nutrition course from Cornell University and passed the "Uncooking 101" course, finding creative ways to consume more raw fruits and veggies. Especially during the pandemic, she does a lot of cooking and preparing meals, and loves a challenge to "veganize" any dish.


Betsy lives in Springfield with her husband, Mike, has one grown daughter, Sheri, her favorite son in law Pat, and two adorable grand kids, Cayson and Parker.


She has been teaching over ten years and has taught at LA Fitness, Fit Yoga, and Yoga at Connie's in Niantic, Illinois.

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