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Hatha yoga is a potent alignment-oriented practice that emphasizes the forms and actions within yoga postures. Traditional asanas are held in accurate alignment. Emphasis is placed on core strength, flexibility, and balance as well as concentration and breath control. This class is based on physical postures (asanas), deep breathing, mindfulness, and listening to the body.

*Suitable for all levels 


This form of Hatha yoga features mostly passive postures that slowly work to open the body, quiet the mind, and move into a deep sense of relaxation. A meditative time to cultivate awareness of body breath and mind, this class is recommended for those experiencing stress, recovering from injury or illness, and anyone seeking a gentle class to unwind, relax, and renew.

*This class is appropriate for beginners


Our bodies have an innate ability to relax given the right circumstances. Restorative yoga uses a series of easy, supported poses held for a long time under the right conditions (including the use of many props) to tip the balance from “fight or flight” mode into maximum relaxation. Yogis developed these poses over many years, but science tells us that, under the conditions set in restorative yoga, immediate effects on heart rate, blood pressure, and brain activity are possible. Emphasis on complete muscular relaxation and comfort are emphasized to achieve a quiet state of mind and body.

*Suitable for all levels


Yoga Flow can generally be defined as a yoga class that incorporates energetic movement through a series of asanas (yoga postures), by which the student experiences a sense of fluid physical motion. Movement through these postures is matched with the breath, creating an even greater sense of flow, strength, ease, and tension release. It is a dynamic style of Hatha yoga which joins physical postures, or asanas, with inhales and exhales, creating a steady internal rhythm for the practice.  Flow yoga classes tend to be more vigorous and aerobic, and classes can have a variety of music and themes.
*Open to all levels, but some experience recommended 


This class has the feel of a typical vinyasa class (expect to move with your breath and focus your attention; this practice works to get you out of your head and into your body), but we will slow down the pace and focus on Sun Salutations and connecting breath and movement. You will move mindfully while building both strength and balance on your mat.  Enjoy learning the basics of a regular 


vinyasa class, inviting yourself to explore new and different ways to advance your practice. *Open to all levels

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