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Cindy Karas

Cindy Karas’s (RYT 200) first yoga class was a Hatha class in college, as a foreign exchange student studying in Spain.  That first class was amazing, even if she didn’t understand the language completely, and then came Savasana!  Cindy was blown away with how wonderful Savasana felt.  The feeling of surrender and deep relaxation was a sensation she never experienced and her love of yoga began there.

Cindy began teaching yoga in 2008 and completed her first 200-hour teacher training in 2009 at Namaste Yoga Studio in Springfield, IL.  She completed her second 200-hour teacher training at Ahh Yoga Studio in Springfield, IL, earning her RYT 200 with Yoga Alliance.  

Cindy loves teaching yoga and has taught all throughout the Springfield community.  Hatha yoga, Gentle & Relaxation are her favorite types of yoga to teach.  Her teaching style is easygoing, with a strong emphasis that everyone’s practice looks different from the next person, so be kind and non-judgmental to yourself.  Find gratitude in the small ways you see change in your body; getting up and down becomes easier, better balance walking on an icy sidewalk, holding less tension in the shoulders.  And no practice is complete without, of course, Savasana!

In her free time, Cindy loves being with her super sweet husband & two beautiful, energetic daughters, going to Pearl Jam concerts, eating Mexican food and traveling.  

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